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Fish Skinners

The NOCK fish skinning machines have not only a modern,but also hygienic design, which naturally complies to the latest hygienic regulations. The fish skinner casing, belt frame, transport roller, blade holder etc. are made of high quality stainless steel. The fish skinner conveyor belts and pressure rollers are made of food grade plastics. Due to the fish skinners NOCK POWER PLATES® it is possible to construct the casings of the machines with large smooth surfaces which are particularly hygienic and easy to clean. With the conveyorized fish skinning machines, the NOCK EASY-FLOW® safety cover prevents the build-up of product surpluses on the mountings of the blade holder and pressure unit during processing.All NOCK fish skinners are equipped with lockable castors, which eases transportation of the fish skinner to the cleaning area. 


The fish skinner conveyor belts, pressure roller, blade holder and output table can be removed and replaced for cleaning purposes within seconds without any tools. Therefore the fish skinners dirty parts are easily accessible. The fish skinner transport roller can be turned by hand. The conveyor belt frames can be folded back so that the inside of the belts can be cleaned. The fish skinner conveyor belts can also be easily removed from their frames for thorough cleaning.

Bearings made of stainless steel are more resistent to improper cleaning of the fish skinning machines.

The NOCK fish skinning machines convince customers all over the world not only by their reliable functioning and low maintenance costs but also by very low loss of expensive fish. The maximum values of this important criterion is reached from the NOCK fish skinners by an advanced construction of all fish skinning machine components for the skinning (blade holder, blade, transport roller, pressure unit, in-feed conveyor belt), the high precision construction and mounting of these fish skinner components at NOCK, the NOCK POWER PLATES® which guarantee long lasting precision of the machines innovative technologies like the NOCK ACTIVE SKIN GRIPPER® and the best possible yield is only guaranteed when processing with original NOCK TOP H blades!

All fish skinning machine parts which could obstruct the flow of the product, e.g. the fish skinner mountings and handles of the blade holder, the fish skinner mountings of the pressure device and of the conveyor belts, are located outside the tunnel-like safety cover. 

The advantages: Reliable product flow inside the fish skinner („easy flow“) = higher processing safety. Hardly any accumulation of residues on the fish skinner mountings during processing = better processing hygiene and faster cleaning of the machine. A safety switch stops the fish skinning machine once the cover is opened.

A safety bolt reliably prevents that the opened safety cover of the fish skinner accidentally falls closed. The NOCK EASY-FLOW® safety cover of the fish skinner complies to the European safety standard EN 12355 and contributes to the high occupational safety of the NOCK fish skinning machines.

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