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Commercial Steam Ovens

The Kerres commercial steam oven KK 2800 is ideal for the small to large business. The steam oven can prepare all kinds of food and is fully automatic and particularly gentle with the steaming process. Natural flavouring, look and colour of the food is preserved during the cooking cycle in the steam oven. Thanks to the Kerres circulation technology with vertical reversing circulation a high utilisation of the unit and a constant temperature distribution inside the steam oven are ensured.

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The benefits of using a Kerres steam oven:

  • time and energy saving with high quality fibreglass upgraded insulation
  • high vapour density and very low loss of weight with integrated steam generation
  • approx. 30% shorter cooking times with the proven Kerres reversing circulation

Each steam oven is ready to plug in directly from delivery and requires very little installation. The steam oven has a modular design enabling more chamber to added together to create larger steam ovens with bigger capacity. The steam oven is constructed from high quality stainless steel with fibreglass insulated panels. The steam oven is controlled via the MAXI 1001 control panel. The MAXI 1001 control panel in the steam oven is waterproof and washable and available in several languages. The steam oven control panel is capable of storing up to 97 different programme each with 9 sequences. The display shows the values of temperature inside the chamber, the core temperature, the sequence time and number, the programme number and the function number.