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Kerres Smoke House - JS 2850 Commercial Meat Smoker (large business)

Code: JS2850
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  • Meat Smoker External Dimensions (WxDxH) 1680x1170x2800mm
  • Meat Smoker Trolley Dimensions (WxDxH) 1010x1030x2020mm
  • Meat Smoker Electric 63.6kW
  • Meat Smoker Capacity 160-400kg

Model shown in photo is the 2850/4x2 capable of holding 8 trolleys at a time.

The Kerres JS 2850 meat smoking oven is very similar to the Kerrres Fish Smokers in its build and design, however the JS 2850 meat smoker has a vertical smoke circulation system instead of the horizontal one used in the fish smokers.

The Jet Smoke 2850 smoke house can be used for drying, smoking, dry cooking, frying, cooking, maturing fermenting and showering products. The smoke house comes as standard with an integrated smoke generator and foam cleaning system. 

The smoke house features 'Jet Smoke' technology which is a smoke circulating system which reduces the smoke emissions to the statutory levels - in fact below them. The smoke in the meat smoker is continuosly regenerated via the smoke generator, the benefit of which is that the circulation system is sealed, allowing no fresh air into the smokehouse. This method ensures that there are very little emissions from the smoke house and the sawdust consumption and running costs are kept to a minimum.

The JS 2850 smoke house also comes with a micro processor control panel which is extremely easy to use. The meat smokers control can store upto 97 different programmes in several different languages.

The JS 2850 smoke house comes as a modular design, meaning that you choose how many modules you require and in which formation. (take a look at the photo showing the different set ups that can be made)

For more information on the meat smoker please download the brochure or call us. To view the Kerres fish smokers please click here.


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