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Kerres Smoke House - JS H-1950/1 Commercial Fish Smoker (smaller business)

Code: JS H-1950/1
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  • Fish Smoker External Dimensions (WxDxH) 1700x1060x2240mm
  • Fish Smoker Trolley Dimensions (WxDxH) 1010x910x1500mm
  • Fish Smoker Trolley Capacity (depending on product) 130kg
  • Fish Smoker Electric 23.8kW

The Kerres Jet Smoker H-1950/1 fish smoker, is a commercial fish smoking machine ideal for small businesses.

The fish smoker is capable of all kinds of smoking processes: hot smoking, intense smoking , cold smoking.

The JS H-1950/1 commercial fish smoker has a horizontal air circulation system that passes the smoke over and under products in a lying position, and can be used to smoke poultry and milk products as well as fish.

The integrated smoke generator of the fish smoker combined with the horizontal air circulation system provides a high quality product everytime.

Thanks to the Jet Smoke technology the fish smoker works with such low emission levels, that no emission reducers are required. Additionally each fish smoking machine is equipped with a stainless steel cooling system which guarantees consistently low temperatures during the cold smoking process.

Also included with the fish smoker is the integrated foam cleaning system, which cleans the machine after use.

The Jet Smoke circulation system, that reduces smoke emissions to the stating levels - in fact below them. The smoke in the fish smoker is constantly regenerated via the smoke generator with the advantage that no fresh air enters the system and there is virtually no exhaust gas. This method ensures the fish smoker is a particularly environmental friendly machine and economical operation in all processes.

This Jet Smoke system compared to open systems, reduces the requirement of smoking material by upto 40% and therefore reduces running costs.

Kerres make three different models of fish smoker, with each model moving up is size and suitable for small (JS H-1950/1), medium (JS H-2250/1) and large (JS H-2850/1) businesses

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