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Hoonved Utensil Washer - HD60 BT

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  • External dimensions (WxDxH) 836x915x1870/2170mm
  • Wash space dimensions (WxDxH) 650x700x650mm
  • Cycle length 2, 4, 6 or 8.5 mins
  • Construction st/st AISI 304 double wall
  • Rinse-aid dispenser standard
  • Detergent pump standard
  • Tank capacity 82L
  • Boiler capacity 10.5L
  • Water consumption/cycle 4.5L
  • Electrical connection 400V 3N ~ 50Hz


Options available:

  • External shower
  • Set of wheels
  • Auto 10L water softener
  • Auto 14L water softener
  • Drain pump

The Hoonved HD range of utensil washers are capable of satisfying all washing requirements for the bakery, butchery, ice cream and catering.

The utensil washers comes with the option of fitting a condensing unit. This condensing unit takes the steam produced from the washing cycle and re-circulates the heat from it back into heating up the water entering the machine which reduces the amount of power required to get this water up to temp and ready for the wash cycle. The other benefit of using the condensing unit is the lack of steam when opening the utensil washer after a washing cycle, and therefore reduces the requirement of an extracting unit being fitted.

User Friendly:

The utensil washers have a double panelling structure in stainless steel AISI 304 with revolving wash and rinse arms in the save stainless steel. The utensil washers counterbalanced split door is extremely easy to open, and accessibility inside the utensil washer is excellent, making daily cleaning very easy. The utensil washer also has a side switch keyboard for ease of use. 

Perfect hygiene:

The utensil washers inside is completely rounded for ease of cleaning and to avoid dirt traps. The utensil washers stainless steel tank filters are easy to remove. The utensil washer has a suction pump filter to protect the wash pump and prevent leftovers from depositing in the wash circuit. 


The utensil washer is fully electronic with the digital display showing washing and rinsing temperatures. The utensil washer has the ability to set to automatically start the washing cycle by closing the door. The utensil washer can be set with 4 different washing cycles (short - medium - long - intensive). The utensil washer has cycle stop with led displayed alarm, backlit controls and auto self washing function.


BREAK TANK System (BT) standard on all the models: This system allows rinsing at steady pressure; assures rinsing with steady temps; prevents washing cycles without water; prevents boiler water backflow towards the water supply; includes standard rinse booster pump.


The utensil washer has low voltage electronic control - 12V, and the keyboard and digital display penl are splash proof protected to IP53 levels. The utensil washer has a cycle stop micro switch in case of accidental door opening. 


Rinse aid dispenser is standard on all models, detergent pump is also standard on all our models. Each utensil washer comes with a set of racks as standard.

Options available:

  • External shower
  • Set of wheels
  • Auto 10L water softener
  • Auto 14L water softener
  • Drain pump

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