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Tray Packing Machine

We stock a wide range of tray packing and skin packing machines. Whether you need a simple tray sealing machine, need to gas flush the tray with an inert gas (for shelf life) or you need to skin pack your product to take its presentation to the next level, we have the machine for you. All our tray and skin packing machines require compressed air to work, if this is not available at your address then the compressor listed below is perfectly suited. 

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Our tray packing machines are used to seal and fill a plastic tray with gas to prolong the shelf life of a product. Generally used to pack meat and other food products for re-sale to the general public, the tray packing machines are well built and extremely easy to operate. You have probably seen trays in supermarkets holding chicken fillets, steaks etc. all these trays are filled with a specific gas by a tray packing machine. This specific gas can pro-long a products shelf life by nearly double. You may also of seen a skin packed tray, where the film is sealed around the product making it sit proud for an even more professional appearance.

Not only does the tray packing machine produce a great way to show off your produce but it also keeps for longer on the shelf. There are many different trays on the market today and most are readily available from tray suppliers, as long as the tray has a suitable edge for sealing the film on top then generally the tray packing machine can pack that tray.

Each different sized tray you are going to use would require a specific mould to suit to be fitted to the tray packing machine. Moulds for the tray packing machine comes in a variety of different shapes and sizes so you will probably need to get one made to suit your tray.