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Meat Derinders

Superior Food Machinery sell a wide variety of Nock meat derinders to the UK market. The Nock derinding machines give the prefect derinding results operating with an in-genius geometry of the transport roller, blade holder, pressure device and infeed conveyor system. Optional outfeed conveyors are available on some models of the Nock derinders. The Nock derinders have a spring suspended blade holder mounting allowing for the optimal adjustment to match the thickness of the rind or skin of the product. The pressure roller is also spring suspended with some models allowing in most models for the adjustment of its height. This way all pieces such as belly of pork, backs of pork, top pieces of bacon, flat cuts, loins, hams and so on can be flawlessly derinded. Even freshly slaughtered meat can be easily processed.    

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Nocks mechanically highly strained machine components such as drive, transport roller, blade holder and pressure device are mounted in solid 15mm thick base plates, the are called the NOCK POWER PLATES and are located in the machine casing. The Nock power plates guarantee an excellent bearing alignment and precise positioning of the machine parts and therefore give a constantly better, functionality of the machine. 

These power plates give an huge advantage over other brands of meat derinders:

  • No material fatigue - when highly strained parts of derinding machines are attached and positoned on to the casing, sooner or later the casing can become deformed, worn out or develop crevices. With the 15mm thickness the Nock power plates are resistant to this material fatigue, it turn meaning your machine last a lot longer than other manufacturers models. 
  • Service freindliness - all components are very easily accessible once the side covers are opened. 
  • Hygienic and easy to clean machine surfaces - Due to the positioning of the machine components on the power plates the steel casing can be designed with large smooth surfaces. This makes the Nock derinders particularly hygienic and easy to clean.