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Tenderstar Vacuum Tumbler - FX 35L

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  • External Dimensions (WxDxH) 400x600x600mm
  • Hopper capacity 30 litres
  • Load capacity 15 to 20kg of product
  • Speed 7 rotations per minute
  • Electric Supply 1ph 220V 50Hz

This new model from Tenderstar called the FX 35L is a small vacuum tumbler for the customer wanting to marinade under vacuum in batches of 15-20kg of product. Vacuum tumbling is the ideal solution to get marinade into your product quickly and efficiently. Under vacuum food and specifically meat, expands so that more tissues are cells of the meat are exposed which facilitates the in depth penetration of the marinade. 

The Tenderstar FX 35L vacuum tumbler works in the following way. The vacuum tumbler hopper is removed from the machine and placed vertically. The hopper is then loaded with the product and marinade and the lid placed over the top. The vacuum tumbler hose is then connected to the lid and then to the machine itself. The vacuum tumbler then removes the air from inside the hopper creating a vacuum and keeping the lid in place. Once the vacuum is cycle is completed the hose is removed from the hopper lid and the hopper is then placed back on the machine at the horizontal slant, and connected to the vacuum tumbler drive shaft. The vacuum tumbler then rotates the hopper for the desired time and the meat is marinaded. Once the tumbling cycle is finished the hopper can be removed from the machine, stood vertically. The hose is then re-connected to the lid and removed from the machine side, this releases the pressure from the hopper, enabling the lid to be removed. 

The vacuum tumbler takes approx 20 minutes to marinade chops and steaks etc, with anything larger like roasts, loins and tougher meats taking a bit longer. Thinner cuts of meat will take less time, between 5 to 15 minutes. If the meat is tenderised before using the marinade tumbler using the Tenderstar Econox Manual Tenderiser then the marinade will pass further into the heart of the product.

It is advisable to use the machine in a colder environment. 

This vacuum tumbler is ideal for the smaller butcher, restaurant or farm shop, should you require a larger machine with a bigger batch capacity then please take a look at the Vakona range of vacuum tumblers.

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