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Rex Vacuum Filler - RVF700 Series

Code: RVF700 series
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  • External Dimensions (WxDxH) see diagram
  • Filling Capacity 3600, 4000, 6000, 6100kg/h (dependant on model)
  • Hopper Size 250, 350 litre (optional)
  • Servo twisting motor Yes
  • Filling Pressure 45, 70 bar (dependant on model)
  • Portioning Speed 450, 650/min (@40g) (dependant on model)
  • Portioning weight 1-99,999grams
  • Weight 1400kg

The REX RVF700 series of vacuum filler contains various different models that can be modified to suit your requirements. The RVF700 series contains the RVF736, RVF740, RVF760 and RVF761 vacuum fillers, all of which come as standard with a built in tote bin hoist that is capable of lifting 200/300 litres at a time, perfect for the hopper capacity. 

The REX RVF700 series is designed for the requirements of the meat processing industry as well as medium to large and often specialist business units producing large quantities of portion controlled food products. The vacuum fillers offer a high performance density, exact portioning, easily change of variety of product, multi-functional possibilities in combination with additional attachments and a high level of hygiene and cleaning. 

The RVF700 series vacuum fillers have an in-feed system which guarantees exact portioning with maximum service life. At the same time all the vacuum fillers provide gentle transportation of the product, without squashing, squeezing or tearing. The sectional view of the product is clean with minimal air pockets in the sausage meat. The vane cell-feed system on the vacuum fillers is available in 8, 12 or 14 vanes or alternatively the 12 and 14 option is also available with blind vanes. Thanks to the newly developed lifting device the hopper of the RVF700 series can be filled simply and without mess, with the vacuum fillers hopper capacity being either 250 or 300 litres. 

The RVF 700 series vacuum filler mat at any time be equipped with a drive unit for the grinder system due to the large machine stand. Which then can be attached to the RHP 240 mince portioning attachment to enable maxiumum throughput with exact mince portioning to within +/-1% of weight required.

The RVF736 and RVF761 vacuum filler models are designed with reinforced drive units, making it possible to reach a maximum filling pressure of up to 70 bar. This is particularly useful for applications in conjunction with the REX grinding head, and for products which are very cold with a tough meat mass (up to -4C) when using smaller filling nozzles or linking nozzle diameters.