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Superior Food Machinery stock a wide variety of washing equipment for the food insustry. Whether you a looking for a commercial pan washer or a large tray washer we have the soultion for you.

Hoonved Pan, Pot and Utensil Washers:

Hoonved has a range of pan washer that is well built out of high quality stainless steel AISI 304 and capable of satiisfying all washing requirements for the bakery, butchery, ice cream, catering and food industry sectors. Their pan washer models are solid, user friendly, reliable machines that , thanks to a new electronic system, can optimise and simplify work for operators in the sector. The interior washing chamber of the pan washer has completely rounded edges without right angles to increase hygiene levels.

The pan washer has ample filtering surfaces which are all made from stainless steel and along with the suction pump filter are easily removed from inside the pan washer chamber. The membrane switch keyboard of the pan washer has a completely flat surface also allowing easy cleaning for greater hygience levels.

The Hoonved pan washer range all have split doors which are perfectly counter-balanced and easy to open. This helps to give the pan washer the perfect loading and unloading height of 900mm. 

Safety wise the pan washer has a digital display which advises of correct finctioning of the cycle, temperatures and tank filling at all times. The electronic control is low-voltage (12V) to minimise danger during maintenance and repair work to the pan washer. The Keyboard and display panel  of the pan washer are splash proof with IP67 protection levels, and the pan washer is also fitted with a microswitch to stop the cycle in case of the accidental opening of the door.

The Hoonved range of pan washer are fitted with cutting-edge electronics. The pan washer operation can be selected via the start button or by closing the door in cases of intensive usage. The pan washer is also fitted as standard with a self-cleaning function.

The Hoonved pan washer range are also compliant with HACCP regulations assured by means of the Hoonved Dishwasher Monitoring System (HDMS), which can be nstalled in the following three versions as an option.

  • HDMS 1 = direct data transmission from machine to PC
  • HDMS 2 = LogBox data recording and direct data transmission from machine to PC
  • HDMS 3 = LogBox data recording and data transmission from machine through GSM-SMS to cellphone or PC-Modem for TELEDIAGNOSE; the HDMS is an optional

Cretel Tray Washer:

Superior Food Machinery sells Cretels' ingenious range of industrial tray washing machines that will clean and disinfect crates, pallets, ham and paste moulds. The Cretel tray washer have three zones - pre-rinsing, washing and final rinsing and use a minimal amount of water, energy and chemicals.

The Cretel tray washer is ergonomically and hygienically designed to offer an enhanced user convenience whilst keeping all components easily accessible for cleaning. Cretel guarantees a safe, super hygienic machine offering improved perfomance, low maintenance cost and longevity.

The two models shown on our website AWM 235.4 and AWM 235.6 tray washer are the smallest tray washers in the Cretel range. They are designed for a small to medium factory currently washing with a pressure washing machine. The AWM235 tray washer will dramtically reduce the costs of detergent, water and labour and will also improve the hygience and sanitation to a standard difficult to achieve manually. The tray washer can easily be operated by one man and washes and disinfects 200 to 350 E-trays per hour with a maximum width of 600mm and maximum height of 300mm. The tray washer is also available in ECO-execution without an internal conveyor..

If you think the AWM235 model tray washer is not correct for you, Cretel offer to build a machine ideally suited to your requirements in capacity and size.