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Superior Food Machinery sell a large variety of different makes and sizes of meat mincer, from the Torrey M12 mincer to the Medoc TM32 and Kolbe SW100 meat mincers and all the way up to the Kolbe AW52-240 auto cross-feed mincing machine. We are guaranteed to have a meat mincing machine to suit your requirements. 

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Meat Mincers / Meat Mincing Machines:

The mincing of meat can be done by hand using a hand meat mincer, but this is a long and labour intensive process. The motorised versions of the meat mincing machines have come down in price that much that buying a meat mincer that has a motor is now the preferred choice of most butchers and chefs.

A meat mincer usually has a feedpan on top, where the operator would place the cuts of meat he requires to be minced. These cuts of meat of then allowed to fall down the meat mincers throat, or pushed down with use of a plunger. Once the cuts of meat arrive into the bottom of the mincing head a screw conveyor (usually called a 'worm') squashes and partially mixes the meat whilst driving it towards the mincing knife and plate. The meat mincer's worm is driven by a motor and this motor is very important when choosing which meat mincing machine is best for you. The bigger the drive motor the more powerful the machine.Once the cuts of meat arrive at the meat mincers cutting blade (usually with four bladed arms) the meat is cut and pushed throught a mincing plate. The meat mincing plate has a number of holes in it through which the meat passed and creates the minced meat that you see in shops on a day to day basis. The meat mincing knife and meat mincing plate work together to create a cutting edge like the two arms of a pair of scissors. We would always recommend that meat mincng knives and plates are kept together in pairs, this is because as they are cutting and mincing the meat the knife and plate rub against each other and the plate can be worn down slightly. If you were to then use a new knife with this same meat mincing plate they would not match up perfectly and the cutting action would not be the same. 

The meat mincing plates can come with different sized holes in, and this allows the operator to produce different sized minced meat etc.

Torrey Meat Mincers:

Torrey meat mincing machines are manufactured in South America from high quality stainless steel. They have a head, ring and worm made from cast iron that has been dip tin plated to increase the corrosion resistivity. The Torrey meat mincer range all come with powerful drive motors that are usually larger than most other meat mincers on the market that have the same sized mincing plate size.

Kolbe Meat Mincers:

Kolbe meat mincing machines are manufactured in Germany to a very high standard. The are constructed entirely from quality stainless steel and come as standard with world renown L&W mincing knives and plates. Kolbe manufacture there products with the philosophy that over-engineering a meat mincer creates a meat mincing machine that is extremely reliable and will last a lifetime.