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Bowl Cutters

A full range of bowl cutters / bowl choppers made entirely of high quality stainless steel with high knife speeds and extra thick cast stainless steel bowls. The bowl cutters knife speed combined with the speed of the rotating bowl can be used to produce a variety of products from ground pork and beef, hamburgers and beef burger mixes, skin emulsion for use in poultry products, the chopping of veg and salads as well as processed cheese and fresh pork sausage mixes.

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Bowl cutters or bowl choppers as they are often referred to can be utilised in various ways to produce lots of different products. Bowl choppers are sometimes also referred to as vertical cutters or vertical cutter mixers, VCM for short. The bowl cutters extra thick stainless steel bowl rotates round whilst a knife head spins vertically chopping / cutting the product up against the bowl surface. The Talsa range of bowl cutters come with a choice of 3-knife heads or 6-knife heads, with the larger models coming as standard with a 6-knife head and spacers to make this head into a 3-knife head. The Talsa range of bowl cutters all come with removable knife heads and sealed bases to allow for fast and efficient cleaning to improve sanitisation. The bowl choppers are all made entirely from stainless steel with folding plastic anti-noise covers with the larger models having a motorised lid for opening and closing.

The Talsa bowl cutter range starts with the table top K15e bowl cutter, this machine has two speeds, a 3-knife head which has the option to be increased to 6-knives for and extra cost.This bowl cutter is capable of holding 15 litres or between 4-12kg of product at one time. The K50e bowl cutter also has two speeds, but comes as standard with a 6-knife head and spacers to create a 3-knife head should it be required. This bowl cutter has the option of adding slow knife mixing speed in two directions forward and reverse.This bowl cutter is capable of holding 50 litres or between 7-37kg of product at any one time. The next machine up from the K50e is the K80v bowl cutter. This bowl cutter is slightly different to the previous two bowl cutters in that it comes with variable speed control which can vary the speed from 1000rpm to 4000rpm in steps of 100rpm at a time. The bowl cutter comes with a 6-knife head again with spacers to convert to a 3-knife head. The K80v bowl cutter comes as standard with slow knife mixing in two directions but with the option for a motorised unloader. The largest bowl cutter we sell is the K120v bowl cutter, the biggest in Talsa's range of bowl cutters. This is similar in every aspect to the K80v but with a larger capacity of 120 litres or between 20-90kg of product at any one time. Both the K80v and K120v bowl cutter come with motorised lid opening and closing.