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Meatball Machines

Superior Food Machinery stock various solutions for meatball processing, whether you need a smaller automatic meatball machine or a meatball machine for larger production with accurate weights, we have a machine for you. Some of the machines below can be used for various production types, for example burgers, kofta kebab, chicken nuggets or burger sliders. 

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The Formatic R2200 burger machine is usually used for making burgers, however simply by swapping the drum that forms the product to a meatball drum the machine can be used to produce meatballs. A standard burger drum on a Formatic R2200 can be adjusted between 5-24mm in depth which is usually sufficient for most burgers, whereas the meatball drums are adjustable between 5-34mm in depth. Superior Food Machinery would always recommend trying to keep the depth as near to diameter of the meatball you are trying to produce as this then produces a pellet shape that is as round as possible. Some hand finishing is required should you want a perfectly rounded meatball, but there is also another option in the Meatball Rounding Machine. This meatball rounder is fed directly from the Formatic R2200 burger machine conveyor belt, the meatball pellets drop off the conveyor and down into the meatball rounder, this then finishes off the meatball and puts them onto the meatball rounders conveyor belt. The meatball rounders conveyor belt can be adjusted in finishing height between 610-1185mm to help drop the meatball onto a table, another conveyor etc. 

The REX meatball former attaches onto the REX RVF-Series Vacuum Fillers and uses the portioning system on the vacuum fillers for an extremely accurate weight consistancy. This REX meatball former can produce up to 12000 meatballs per hour, this can be increased by choosing a double or triple head (for more information on these please call our sales dept.) There are a variety of attachments for the REX Vacuum Fillers including the REX BF125 Burger Former.