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Superior Food Machinery sell a wide variety of tumbling and marinating machines, from simple marinating tumblers to vacuum and refrigeration tumblers, not all models are shown on our website. Tumbling machines can be used on cooked or raw products that need to be massaged, tumbled, matured, mixed, salted or marinated. 

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Superior Food Machinery stock a wide variety of tumbling machines capable of fulfilling any customers requirements. Whether you require a simple marinading tumbler like the Spicer 50L meat tumbler or a large 10000 litre refrigerated vacuum tumbler.

The Spicer 50L meat tumbler is capable of holding 50 litres of product at any one time, and can be used to mix, marinade, tenderise and season a whole variety of products and is a great machine for your money.

The Nowicki vacuum tumblers are manufactured to the highest of standards following the latest CE directives. The tumblers are fitted with Busch vacuum pumps and designed to produce the very best of products. The option of adding cooling onto the tumblers is available, with loading systems designed for single tumblers or multiple tumblers in a line. There are various models of Nowicki tumbler ranging in capacity from 200 litre to 10000 litre, they are all controlled by a touch screen control panel which can be programmed to certain products times, speeds etc. If you are looking for a top of the range tumbler then look no further, with some excellent pricing on superior tumbling machines.

Benefits of integrated cooling in a meat tumbler: 

  • Costs of cooling a whole room uses a massive amount of kW/h compared to a tumbler that has cooling directly in the jacket
  • Efficiency of a tumbler in a fridge / cooled room, is much lower than a tumbler with cooling directly in the jacket - during the cycle meat generates heat and in order to keep the temp down, you have to pause (typically 10min turn, 5 min pause). In a machine with cooling the drum is much colder so the product temp stays low and you can eliminate the pause. This means that daily production on a cooling machine is equivalent to a none cooling machine with a much higher capacity. This depends on cycle time, but a 2000 litre cooling tumbler might be equivalent to a 3000 litre tumbler without cooling.
  • Placing a non-cooling tumbler in a fridge creates more reliability issues. Vacuum pumps dont like the cold, particularly when first starting up. Electrics like control panel can have more issues with condensation etc.