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Ham Boilers / Water Cookers

Superior Food Machinery stock a wide variety of makes and models of water cooker and ham boilers for most customers requirements. Whether you are looking for a small table top solution like the Ascoli Flavasava AF25 or a floor standing clarifier system like the CP Rose MK10RE, or require a bigger more substantial machine like the Talsa oil jacketed REA series of water cooker, we have a machine for you.

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Superior Food Machinery stock a wide variety of makes and models of water cooker and ham boiler for most customers requirements. All ham boilers we sell are kept in stock in our own website and are generally available for next day delivery.

CP Rose Ham Boiler

The CP Rose range of water cookers and ham boiler are well known throughout the industry. Hand made within the UK by highly skilled craftsmen the ham boiler allow meats to be gently cooked for the finest flavour and maximum profits. The materials used in the ham boiler are high quality stainless steel throughout and to ensure peace of mind, every ham boiler is inspected at each stage of the manufacture process. As well as this the ham boiler is further verified for a full cooking cycle prior to delivery. The polished stainless steel of the ham boiler is crafted to ensure that the insulated lid fits snugly to provide a steam, vapour and odour resistant seal. The space between the outer case and the inner pan of the ham boiler is also thermally insulated to prevent heat loss and provide economical running costs. The ham boiler has a thermostat which is infinitely variable to provide cooking temperatures from ambient to boiling point. The ham boiler is drained by using the external non drip tap.

Ascoli Flavasava Ham Boiler

The Flavasava ham boiler range is designed to increase your turnover and maximise your profits. If you currently boil your meat products, for every 3 joints you cook you could be losing the equivalent of 1 joint through shrinkage. The Flavasava ham boiler cooks your product a low temperatures for longer periods of time to ensure that the minimum shrinkage occurs. The ham boiler also ensures that the maximum quality product that has been evenly cooked throughout is produced. The ham boiler is made from quality stainless steel with a variable temperature control accurate to 1 degree C. The ham boiler has a long-life element which is fitted outside the tank. The ham boiler also comes with a programmable time clock allowing you to set the ham boiler during off peak electricity tariffs.

There are four main sizes of ham boiler in the Flavasava range, the AF25, AF50, AF75 and AF150 ham boilers.

The AF25 ham boiler is a very popular model, it is bench mounted with a plug-in timer to control cooking times and give the customer the flexibility to cook in the ham boiler overnight.

The AF50 ham boiler has the same quality contruction as the AF75 ham boiler but with the added advantage of a remote box containing all the controls.

The AF75 ham boiler has a remote control box fitted to the machine itself. This model ham boiler has been manufactured for over 10 years and has proved to be a versatile and reliable ham boiler.

The AF150 ham boiler is the ultimate cooker of this range and indeed any other. The ham boiler featuresa power assisted lock down lid, stainless steel lid, and stainless steel stand, The ham boiler has a lrger drainage tap for quicker draining with a full probe control available as an extra along with the options for the smaller cooker.

Talsa Ham Boiler

The Talsa range of ham boiler are made entirely from stainless steel and come as standard with an oil jacketed chamber. The ham boiler comes with a Aditec programming unit that automatically controls the temperature inside the ham boiler. Available in various different models and sizes these ham boilers are built to last.