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Superior Food Machine stock a wide variety of meat tenderising machines. From letterbox style tenderisers to fully automatic conveyorised systems, we have the tenderiser to suit your requirements. Make the most of your cheapest cuts of meat and produce butter tender, melt in your mouth meat products that will impress your customers. 

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Superior Food Machinery hold stock of a wide range of meat tenderizer to cater for most of our customers requirements. Starting from the small manual table top Tenderstar meat tenderizer and moving up to the large fully automatic TSAB meat tenderizer.

Tenderstar Meat Tenderizer:

Tenderstar make a variety of different size and styles of meat tenderizer. The ECONOX table top manual meat tenderizer is one of our best selling meat tenderizers. With the blade set containing a total of 544 individual needles made up from 34 blades each with 16 needles on. The meat tenderiser has a in-feed board which can be moved from side to side to prevent a needle going down the same hole and deteriorating the meat.

The more automatic meat tenderizers from Tenderstar vary from the TSHY meat tenderizer which is basically an automated version of the manual meat tenderizer, to the TSE semi auto meat tenderizer and then to the fully auto TSAB meat tenderizer.

Letterbox Tenderizer:

We stock two different types of letterbox meat tenderizer, the KT PK meat tenderizer and the Torrey MT-43 meat tenderizer. Both of these meat tenderisers do the same job with the main difference between the two being the build quality. The KT is built to a higher standard however it is more expensive, the Torrey is a lot cheaper but the build quality is not the same.

Nowicki Knife Tenderizer:

Designed for tenderizing and softening of meat muscles in order to increase absorption of brine and tenderness of the product. Perfect for cutting hard tissues and muscle tendons giving increased absorption resulting in an excellent tendering of individual meat elements. The Nowicki TN700 has an output of 4000kg/h with 833 cutting knives and tenderizing width of 600mm, the other model TN1000 has an output of 5000kg/h with 1026 cutting knives and a tenderizing width of 1050mm (this model is not shown on our website - please call for more info)