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Burger Machines

At Superior Food Machinery we stock various different makes and models of burger machines to help our customers produce different types of burgers. Whether you require a small hand burger press, a burger machine to link onto a piston sausage filler or a fully automated burger machine we have an option for you. Some of these machines can also be used to produce forms of other types of products like fish cakes, kofta kebabs, meat balls etc. 

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Sirman Burger Press:

The Sirman burger press comes in three different sizes SA100, SA130, & SA150 capable of producing burgers that are 4" 5" or 6" in diameter. They are extremely easy to use with a simple handle on the side of the burger press that moves the top plate up, round and down on top of the burger mix you have placed into the mould. This top plate then pushes down and creates the burger. Once the burger has been formed the lever is then lifted back up to the original starting position and a bottom plate pushes and lifts the burger out of the mould. The burger press comes as standard with a place to keep your burger papers, making it quick and easy to make and pack burgers.

Formatic Burger Machine:

The Formatic R2200 burger machine is capable of producing 2200 burger per hour. These can be formed into a wide range of shapes and the burger machine can be used to produce other products such as fish cakes, meatballs etc. The forming drum can be changed quickly to produce these different shapes and therefore the Formatic burger machine is very versatile. The burger machine can come with a large variety of options including larger hopper, auto wire clean, foot pedal control etc etc. So if you require more than just the standard model, please call us for pricing and information on the different options available.

Sheerline Burger Unit:

The Sheerline burger unit, is produced in Ireland and is designed to be attached directly onto a sausage filler. The filler then fills out the burger forms directly and a manual lever on top of the burger machine is used to pop the burger out and form the next burger.. These Sheerline burger machine can be adapted to fit most sausage fillers, all that is required is for the sausage fillers locking ring sent to us to make the adapting kit. The Sheerline Burger Unit is very popular and can come is two different sizes, 4" and 5" with each size being capable of producing two different weight of burger.