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Dicing Machines

Whether you want to dice meat, poultry, game, vegetables or cheese we have the right dicing machine for you. Foodlogistik make what we believe to be the best dicing machines in the industry, hand diced results are promised on fresh and frozen products and also achieved, unlike many of their competitors. These dicers are manufactured to the highest of build qualities with an excellent and precise cutting action, which prevents cubes being joined by any sinew.  

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Foodlogistik Dicers:

Foodlogistik are a company that specialises in one thing - dicing machines. Foodlogistik dicing machines can be used to slice and dice various different products from fresh beef, pork, and chicken to cooked meats and even cheese

The features that make the difference with a Foodlogstik dicing machine:

In all the years of promoting Foodlogistik dicing machines, the common questions we receive are 'can it really dice fresh meat?' and 'can it really produce that hand diced result?'. The answer without doubt is YES!.

With many of our competitors meat dicers, attempting to dice fresh meat results in the cubes being joined by sinew and when you lift a single cube out of the tray, what you may have is a three or four cubes that look like a necklace. The only way round this is to temper the meat or trimming it. Both of which take time and money to do and when the product thaws the moisture that could of gone over the scale is lost. with a Foodlogistik dicer this is not a problem and this is why customers buy the Foodlogistik range of dicing machines.