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Foodlogistik Dicing Machine - Capacity 126 with conveyor

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  • Throughput (optimum conditions) 2600 kg/h
  • Product chamber length 550mm
  • Product chamber cross section 126x126mm
  • Dicing grid size 120x120mm
  • Dicer's cutting length 0-42mm
  • Motor power 4.3kW
  • Weight 430kg
  • Construction stainless steel

The Foodlogistik Capacity 126 dicing machine is a large capacity food dicer made from high quality stainless steel. The Capacity 126 dicer has an unrivalled huge chamber which reduces customer costs due to less time being required for preparation as less primary cutting is required. It also reduces the loading time due to the meat dicers chamber holding upto 10.3 litres of product which processes more meat per cycle. The Foodlogistik Capacity 126 dicer can have an optional 200 litre tote bin lifting device added to reduce human labour (for pricing on this please call our sales team).

The Foodlogistik include extra solid stainless steel dicing grids which are attached at four points and designed for the hardest of workloads. As standard the dicing grid included with the machine is a 5x5mm multi-grid which can be expanded to produce 5,10,15,20,25,30,35,40 etc etc dice upto 120mm max. The dicer has a extremely strong hydraulic and grid drive system, with perfect hygience due to the dicers folding pan for the easiest sanitizing and working chamber with stainless steel drain.

The Capacity 126 dicer discharges the product onto an outfeed conveyor and upto a height required by yourselves. Electronic soft-start reduces the mechanical load onto the drive units and increases the lifetime of the wearing parts on the dicer.

Hand diced results are achieved by using the unique four-dimensional pre-compression system which quite simply holds the fresh meat firm whislt it is being cut by the extremely long grid blades. Four-dimensional pre-compression guarantees for the perfect cutting edges all-around.

The Capacity 126 dicer can process meat as low as -3'C and the refined shape of the slice cutting knife (sickle blade) ensures a powerful, smooth and clean cut.

If you require a machine with the same high capacity as this dicer but would prefer to discharge your product directly into 200 litre tote bins then look no further than the Foodlogistik Capacity 126 on gantry. If you like the idea of the outfeed conveyor but dont require the same throughput then the Foodlogistik Comfort 112 dicer and the Foodlogistik Classic 96 also can be fitted with the outfeed conveyor but have less throughput capacity.