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Peter Hughes - 'Hughes Butchers of Fishguard'

Kolbe Mixer Grinder / REX Vacuum Filler

"When I enquired about a vacuum filler & mixer grinder with Superior Food Machinery, I was invited to spend a day at their test facilities in Manchester where I could produce my product and get an impression of the company. As I expected the machines performed well and was extremely impressed. What was becoming evident was that this company was providing a personal service that is hard to find in many companies today. As I am based in a rural part of the country I knew that I needed good backup both in service and spare parts and after seeing the spare parts department and the way which SFM work, I had no doubt that SFM did not just intend to supply me a machine but also to support me. I have now had my REX filler and Kolbe mixer grinder for approx. 3 years and to this date I am more than happy with the decision I made. My biggest worry was whether the new equipment would change my sausage for the worst - I can now confirm that not only is my production far more efficient, my product is still Gold Medal material with seven recent medals. Another point which is important is the running cost which I have to say is modest both for the Kolbe and the REX. The spare parts arrive quickly and are fairly priced. As for Superior Food Machinery, they are a company that provide excellent advice and support both during and after the initial sale."
Peter Ellis - 'Network Seafoods Ltd'

KT Fish Scaler

" sum up, the machine has proved to be a considerable asset, being very easy to use, easy to clean and maintain, whilst at the same time being highly portable. It has even allowed the member of staff who was suffering from RSI to return to his normal duties. I am therefore quite certain that the initial cost of this machine will be very quickly recovered due to the saving in time and labour costs."
Richard Brown - 'South England Pastries'

Foodlogstik MS84 Dicer

"We have found the build quality and reliability of our MS84 to be excellent."
Angus Dilliway Parry - 'Forresters'

Foodlogistik MS84

"The main advantage of the MS84 dicer is the ability to dice fresh poultry with no need to temper."