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SFM Servicing, repairs & breakdowns

Everything you need to know about servicing, repairs and breakdowns by Superior Food Machinery

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What do we offer?

  • Servicing, repairs and emergency call outs across the UK mainland
  • Manufacturer trained engineers with over 75 years of on-site experience
  • Vans stocked with critical parts boxes for each manufacturer
  • Access to over 14,500 parts stored in our warehouse
  • Excellent success rates on one visit repairs

Why service?

  • Regular servicing maximizes the machines performance and efficiency
  • Regular servicing can help identify issues early on that could later become expensive to rectify
  • Regular servicing will undoubtedly prolong the machines lifespan
  • Some parts on machine are designed to wear quickly to prevent damage to other more expensive parts or areas of the machine
  • Not servicing your machine increases the chances of suffering a breakdown, which can be inconvenient and cause downtime in your production






Frequently asked questions

How often should I service my machine?

We recommend servicing your machine at minimum once a year, it's essential to stay on top of this to reduce the risk of breakdowns and ensure the safety mechanisms on the machine are working correctly. 

What happens when I contact the service department?

From the first point of contact you will be greeted by one of our helpful office staff members, they will need to take some information from you about the machine you need a call out for. It is really helpful if you have this information available when you call: machine manufacturer, model, year of manufacture and whether the machine runs on 1ph or 3ph electrics. We understand this might not be easy to find, so please do not worry if you cannot find all the information. At this point we will be able to ascertain the best engineers available for the work required and usually we will be able to give you a date and estimated time of arrival at your premises.

We understand that machines that have broken down may seriously affect your business production, so we try to accomodate as best we can to prioritise breakdowns ahead of any service work.  

Where are SFM based? 

We are based in Manchester, SK14 5ED and cover all of the UK mainland. 

How quick can you respond? 

We offer same day / next day on-site response times as we understand your machinery is key to the day to day running of your company. 

What happens before my visit? 

Before we visit we will speak with you again about the problems you are facing with the machine, which helps our engineers diagnose the fault before we visit. This way we aim to bring the correct parts to get you back up and running as soon as possible, with no return visit required. 

What is a critical parts box? 

We have put together various boxes that are full of the most common spare parts required for each machine manufacturer and model. These have been built up over a period of years, based on previous work carried out etc. The engineers will bring these with them when they come out to you, plus any additional parts they may require having spoken to you over the phone.

Why should I use SFM Service? 

Our engineers are experts in the brands that we sell, they have been trained directly by the manufacturers who supply SFM, usually in their own factories where the machines are built. We have a huge amount of spare parts and resources to hand.


Contact: 0161 366 1777 Opt.3


Whatsapp: 07436 339 227 (Kieran Thompson)