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Metal Detectors

Superior Food Machinery sell Mesutronic metal detectors which are ideally suited to the food and meat processing industry, and come as standard with auto calibration and product learning via the touch screen display. Each metal detector can be individually tailored to our customers requirements of detection and can detect FE, Non Fe and stainless steel. The model shown below is a standard metal detector, however Mesutronic offer customer build metal detectors to suit every customers requirements.

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Metal detectors are an essential piece of equipment for most food manufacturing plants. They are the last step before your products are sent to your customer. The metal detectors can be set up in various different ways, with various different sizes detection heads and conveyors belts. The metal detectors can have siren and stop, or 90 degree push off and various other options, with the majority of Mesutronics metal detectors being bespoke for each and every customer.

The Mesutronic metal detector shown above is a 'general' machine with specifications and options that we feel will cover the majority of customers requirements. These metal detectors are usually kept in stock. Should you require a more bespoke metal detector, please call our sale dept and we can quote you for your requirements. To visit Mesutronics website please click here.