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Nowicki Vacuum Tumbler - MA 200

Code: MA200
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  • External Dimensions (WxDxH) 1180x1700x1540mm
  • Capacity 200 litres (120kg)
  • Power 1.6kW
  • Weight 370kg

The Nowicki MA 200 vacuum tumbler is designed for tenderising and softening meat under vacuum during the production of ham, shoulder of ham, sirloin, bacon and soft pieces of chicekn (eg. breasts).

The Nowicki MA 200 vacuum tumbler has been manufactured with optimal baffles inside the drum, full adjustment of the vacuum level,  rotation speed and mixing times. This helps the Nowicki vacuum tumbler to increase the output of the finished product whilst achieving optimum binding of proteins and minimal mixing times, without a negative effect on the appearance of the fresh meat muscles.

The Nowicki MA 200 vacuum tumblers comes with the following benefits:

  • Acid resitance - complete stainless steel construction, grade 304 (AISI)
  • Precisely engineered drum with baffles to ensure gentle and consistent tumbling with wet or dry marinade
  • Positioning of the drum (tilted) with mechanical gearbox
  • Micro-computer control with infinite control of vacuum level, speed, time, deferred start times and pulsating vacuum
  • Brine addition valve
  • Double external vacuum traps
  • Temperature monitor on rear side of drum
  • Vacuum suction located on front of the machine
  • Inner surface of the drum is polished to give better results on big muscle massaging
  • Busch vacuum pump
  • Compact construction

Control System

  • Micro-processing control unit with the possibilty of programming up to 30 technological programs (each can consist of upto 20 steps)
  • Easy to operate touch screen control panel
  • Deferred starting (upto 20 hours ahead)
  • Programming and control of vacuum

The Nowicki MA 200 vacuum tumbler is the smallest model in the Nowicki vacuum tumbler range, it is easy to load and unload, cleaning is just as simple and the vacuum tumbler is fitted with castors.