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Nowicki Vacuum Tumbler - MA 1500 PSCH with cooling

Code: MA1500PSCH
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  • External Dimensions (WxDxH) 1420x2760x1940mm
  • Capacity 1500 Litre (750kg)
  • Drum Speed 0-8rpm
  • Power 3.8kW
  • Weight 1350kg

Benefits of integrated cooling in a meat tumbler: 

  • Costs of cooling a whole room uses a massive amount of kW/h compared to a tumbler that has cooling directly in the jacket
  • Efficiency of a tumbler in a fridge / cooled room, is much lower than a tumbler with cooling directly in the jacket - during the cycle meat generates heat and in order to keep the temp down, you have to pause (typically 10min turn, 5 min pause). In a machine with cooling the drum is much colder so the product temp stays low and you can eliminate the pause. This means that daily production on a cooling machine is equivalent to a none cooling machine with a much higher capacity. This depends on cycle time, but a 2000 litre cooling tumbler might be equivalent to a 3000 litre tumbler without cooling.
  • Placing a non-cooling tumbler in a fridge creates more reliability issues. Vacuum pumps dont like the cold, particularly when first starting up. Electrics like control panel can have more issues with condensation etc.

The Nowicki MA 1500 PSCH vacuum tumbler with cooling is made from acid-resistant stainless steel with grade 304 (AISI), it is manufactured to the most recent CE directives with the highest of hygiene levels. The Nowick MA 1500 PSCH vacuum tumbler is made specifically for the tenderising and softening of meat in vacuum during the production of ham, shoulder, sirloin, bacon and soft pieces of chicken, with the inside of the drum polished to give the best results on larger meat muscles. 

The Nowick MA 1500 PSCH vacuum tumbler with cooling has specially designed paddles inside the drum and a 5.7" touch screen control panel for ultimate in operator control. The combination of these two things enables the vacuum tumbler to achieve the required parameters of the tenderized meat, increases the output of the finished product, achieves optimum binding of proteins, reduces mixing time to a minimum whilst having no effect on the appearance of the fresh meat. These specially designed paddles ensure gentle and consistent tumbling / marinating, with the inside of the drum polished to allow better result when using larger meat muscles. 

The Nowicki MA 1500 PSCH vacuum tumbler is fitted with a cooling system (ZCh) with double insulated cooling jacket round the drum, it uses cooling aggregate which is environmentally friendly (cooling agent RG507 or R449a).

The cooling system on vacuum tumblers has many benefits in production:

  • shortens the massaging times
  • maintains the temperature inside the drum at the same level
  • maintains the natural colour of the product
  • high production efficiency
  • high product quality, regardless of the temperature conditions in the curing plant
  • optimal binding of proteins
  • improves the micro-biological quality of the product

The Nowicki vacuum tumbler is controlled via a 5.7" touch screen control panel, this allows upto 30 programmes with each program containing upto 12 steps. The control panel allows the operator to control drum speed, vacuum levels, timers, temperature, monitoring parameters, deferred start times and pulsating vacuum settings. The touch screen is protective with a clear cover and has a IP67 rating. 

The vacuum tumbler is loaded and cleaned easily and loading can be done by automatic loading systems by Nowicki, these can load individual tumblers or a complete line. Emptying of the drum is done simply using the control panel, the drum is rotated backwards which pushes the product gently out of the opening hole at the front of the vacuum tumbler. The option to add larger touch panels 7.5" or 12" as well as giving a larger display these screens also add the options of having a weighing system added or RFID radio-frequency identification. 

SCADA can be fitted as an option to allow for remote monitoring, control and analysis to give the operator and customer more control and functionality. 

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