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Nowicki Vacuum Tumbler - MA 10000

Code: MA10000
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  • External Dimensions (WxDxH) 2220x4890x2480mm
  • Capacity 10000 Litres (5000kg)
  • Drum Speed 0-5rpm
  • Power 10.4kW
  • Weight 3600kg

The Nowicki MA 10000 vacuum filler is manufacturered using acid resistant grade 304 stainless steel, to the highest of standards. The vacuum tumbler is built using the very latest CE directives and meeting the highest of hygiene standards. 

The Nowicki vacuum tumbler is designed to tenderise and soften meat under a vacuum in the production of hams, shoulders, sirloin, bacon and soft pieces of chicken. The properly selected shape of the paddles inside the drum of the vacuum tumbler as well as the complete control of all parameters allows the machine to achieve increased output, optimum binding of proteins and reduced mixing time with no negative effect on the appearance of the product. 

The Nowicki MA 10000 vacuum tumbler is controlled using a 5.7" touch screen control panel, which can store upto 30 programs with each programme having 12 individual steps. This gives the operator the ability to produce the same results with every different type of product. 

The touch screen control panel is extremely easy to operate with choice of English or German as the standard laguages. The control panel controls drum speed, vacuum levels, timers, temperature (on cooling model), deferred start times, pulsating vacuum as well as monitoring all of the parameters. The control panel is situated at the front of the vacuum tumbler next to the opening hole. 

The option to add SCADA to the control panel is available to give better analysis and remotely monitor and automate control of the vacuum tumbler. A larger control panel (7.5" or 12") is also available as an option and then this allows additional weighing system and RFID radio-frequency identification to be added also as options.

The drum has had specially designed paddles fitted inside the to give the very best of performance when tumbling, the inside is polished which make massaging larger cuts of meat easier and the drum is driven by SEW / NORD gearbox. Loading of the vacuum tumbler can be done by hand however using a loading system from Nowicki is much easier and quicker on this size tumbler. The loading system can be used on insidivual vacuum tumblers or for loading mulitple tumblers in a line. They pick up and tip 200 litre tote bins and empty the product down a chute into the pening hole in the vacuum tumbler. Unloading of the vacuum tumbler is very simple, the drum rotates in the opposite direction and the paddles inside the drum empty the porduct out of the front of the vacuum tumbler. 

The Nowicki MA 10000 vacuum tumbler is fitted with a Busch vacuum pump, the suction is connected via the lid for the front opening hole, this gives the inside of the drum better hygiene levels and is protected from flooding by two vacuum traps fitted to the outside of the machine.

For more information about this vacuum tumbler or any of the other models in the Nowicki range please download the brochure (below) or call our sales team.