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Nowicki Vacuum Tumbler - MA 1500

Code: MA1500
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  • External Dimensions (WxDxH) 1390x2760x1940mm
  • Capacity 1500 litre (750kg)
  • Drum Speed 0-8rpm
  • Power 3.4kW
  • Weight 1050kg

The Nowicki MA1500 vacuum tumbler is manufactured and designed to the highest of standards for tenderising and softening of meat under vacuum in the production of ham, shoulder, sirloin, bacon and soft pieces of chicken. Through a combination of specially designed paddles inside the drum to the complete control via touch screen the vacuum tumbler ensures the optimal binding of proteins in the meat, increased output of product and a reduction in mixing time without any effect on the appearance of the fresh meat. 

The Nowicki MA1500 vacuum tumbler is made from acid resistant stainless steel, grade 304 (AISI) to the latest of CE directives and meeting the highest of hygienic requirements. A front-side opening hole on the vacuum tumbler allows for easy loading and unloading of product as well as the connection of vacuum pump, this front side vacuum connection means greater hygiene levels inside the drum. The vacuum tumbler is fitted with the world re-known Busch vacuum pump, and as standard the tumbler has two external vacuum traps to prevent any flooding of the pump. The vacuum tumblers drum is polished on the inside the give better results when massaging large meat muscles and is driven by SEW / NORD gearbox. 

The Nowicki MA 1500 vacuum tumbler is controlled via a 5.7" touch screen control panel, with the capability of storing upto 30 programmes with each programme having 12 steps. This gives the operator complete control on the processing, repeatability of product results and also the option of adding SCADA for remote monitoring and automation of processes. The touch screen control panel on the vacuum tumbler allows the operator to control the drum speed, vacuum levels, times, temperature (on cooiling model), deferred start time and pulsating vacuum.

The Nowicki vacuum tumbler is loaded via the front opening hole, this can be done manually or via one of Nowicki's loading systems. The loading systems can be used to load individual tumblers or a complete line. The unloading of the vacuum tumbler is done automatically via the touch screen control panel and this reverses the drum rotation and the specially designed paddles inside the drum push the prodcut gently out. 

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