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Nowicki Bowl Chopper - KN 200 HL

Code: KN200HL
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  • External Dimensions (WxDxH) See diagram
  • Power 3ph 87.5kW
  • Volume 200 litre
  • Capacity 60-170kg product (depending on product type)
  • Knife Speed Variable between 100 to 4800rpm
  • Mixing Speed Variable between 100 to 300rpm
  • Bowl Speed Variable between 2 to 20rpm
  • Digital Thermometer included
  • Control Panel Touch panel with joysticks to control covers, loader & unloader
  • Weight 3400kg machine & 300kg control panel 

Optional extras:

  • Additional knife sets
  • Auto water dosage
  • SCADA monitoring system with industrial computer
  • Outside ventilation system
  • Air conditioning system for electric box (in case of humidity or temp over 20'C)
  • Remote drive for master switch (recommended when electric box is located in another room)
  • Additional cabling over 5m with st/st cover

N.B. This machine not kept in stock and is ordered at time of purchase, delivery can take up to 9 weeks


The Nowicki KN200 HL bowl chopper is designed for the general production of smoked, steamed and raw sausages and the vast possibilities in production of superb fine grain emulsion from crude materials like pig skin and tendons. The bowl chopper can also be used for production of very fine fresh and/or pre-cut frozen meat granulating specific to salami products. The bowl chopper can be used for spiced stuffing preparation with other food products and the manufacture of seafood, petfood, veggie food, pies, sweets, soup, sauces and the reworking of other products.

Product Capacity:

  • Boiled sausages: 160-170kg approx
  • Cooked sausages: 155-160kg approx
  • Raw sausages: 100-120kg approx
  • Frozen products: 60-80kg approx

Standard equipment:

The Nowicki KN200 HL bowl chopper is manufactured using acid resistance stainless and according to all current CE directives. The bowl chopper has self-supporting solid stainless steel construction with cutter head and knife cover also manufactured from stainles steel. A 3 degree tilt on all horizontal surfaces allows gravity to remove any excess water and all the surfaces are polished. The bowl chopper has a shortened cutting head to ensure a really uniform cutting result in all positions of the bowl, with the distance between the knives and the bowl kept to a minimum to ensure perfect cutting in all the batch. The Nowicki bowl choppers have an avergae thickness of 20mm. The knife cover (stainless steel) and front cover (Plexiglass with hole for adding spices) are both controlled hydraulically using joysticks on the control panel. The bowl chopper is fitted with strong stainless steel adjustable feet, and with a weight of around 3.5 ton this prevents any vibrations and therefore prolongs the bearings in the cutting head. Cleaning of the bowl chopper is extremely easy due to all the covers lifting up and providing access to all the places in contact with product. The Nowicki KN200 HL bowl chopper is fitted with hydraulic loading system for lifting 200 litre tote bins and a hydraulically operated unloading disc, both are operated using the joysticks on the control panel. This gives the operate ultimate control. All the parameters of the bowl chopper are controlled smoothly using the control panel including speed of knife shaft and speed of the bowl. A central lubrication system prevents any unwanted down time and prolongs the life of the bowl chopper, by automatically lubricated the cutter head shaft. Temperature control of the product in the bowl is done via the control panel. A semi-automatic key for bowl chopper cutting head allows for quick and safe removal and re-fitting. The bowl chopper has a Baumueller AC drive motor as standard which has lower acid resistant cover for motor protection. All the electrical components of the Nowicki bowl chopper are made from world-wide known producers such as Danfoss, Mitsubishi, Schneider, ABB etc. The main electrics of the bowl cutter are housed in a seperate electric box made from stainless steel, which is kept seperate from the machine to prevent water flooding. Both the motor and electrics are ventilated inside, with all mechanical parts of the cutter accesible by way of inspection doors. The main electrical cable is 5m in length and is covered using stainless steel tubing for safety. 

Control System:

The Nowicki KN200 HL bowl chopper comes as standard with a touch screen control panel with joystick control of covers, loading system and unloading disc. The control panel of the bowl chopper allows for storage of up to 40 programs, each programme can contain up to 20 steps, each step can be programmed according to the time of processing, number of bowl revolutions, temperature of the batches. The control panel can be turned to manual mode, to allow the operator to decide when to switch to different speeds etc. Controlling the bowl chopper is done easily with smooth regulation of cutting speed (100-4800rpm), mixing speed (100-300rpm), and bowl speed (2-20rpm). Stuffing spreader speed (max.140rpm) and stuffing temp control are both regulated from the bowl chopper control panel, with also the option of adding exact water dosage. The touch panel of the bowl chopper is mounted on an adjustable leg to allow for perfect positioning for the operators. The control panel is fitted with a protective cover and also mounted away from the workings of the bowl chopper to further prevent water penetration. The control panel joystick controls are protected from over use and give exact control of the loading, unloading, cutter head cover and front cover. The bowl chopper contro panel has an emergency stop button and USB connection, it can also be optionally fitted with SCADA monitoring system. It has a machine failure diagnostics system and communicative work control system as standard. 

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