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Nowicki Bowl Chopper - KN 330 HL

Code: KN330HL
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  • External Dimensions (WxDxH) See diagram
  • Power 3ph 120kW
  • Volume 330 litre
  • Capacity 80-300kg product (depending on product type)
  • Knife Speed Variable between 100 to 4500rpm
  • Mixing Speed Variable between 100 to 300rpm
  • Bowl Speed Variable between 2 to 20rpm
  • Digital Thermometer included
  • Control Panel Touch panel with joysticks to control covers, loader & unloader
  • Weight 4800kg machine & 300kg control panel 

Optional extras available:

  • Additional knife set (6 pieces U4 or U3)
  • Auto water dosing
  • SCADA monitoring system with industrial computer
  • Additional outside ventilation system
  • Air conditioning system for electric box (in case of high humidity or temp over 30'C)
  • Remote drive of master switch (recommended when electric box is located in another room)
  • Inspection hole in front cover
  • Additional guarded cabling


The Nowicki KN330 HL bowl chopper has been designed for the general production of smoked, steamed and raw sausages and also the vast possibilities in production of superb fine grain emulsions from crude materials like pig skin and tendons. The bowl chopper is perfect for very fine fresh and/or pre-cut frozen meat granulating for the production of salami products and spiced stuffing preparation with other edible products.

Standard Equipment:

The Nowicki KN330 HL bowl chopper is made using acid resistant stainless steel and according to all current CE directives. The bowl chopper has  self-supporting solid stainless steel construction covers. The cutting head of the bowl chopper is also made of stainless steel. A narrow cutting chamber in the bowl chopper brings uniform results of product preparation, whilst the minimal distance between bowl and knives gives perfect results of “cutting in the air”. The bowl chopper has a stainless steel knife cover and a front cover made from Plexiglass, both covers are operated hydraulically by use of joysticks next to the control panel. The Nowicki KN330 HL bowl chopper is extremely easy to keep clean with all covers lifting up giving access to all areas in contact with food. The cutter head of the bowl chopper is easily removed or secured in to place by use of a semi-automatic key, a central lubrication system keeps the blade shaft running efficiently, this also has a diagnostic system. The Nowicki KN 300 HL bowl cutter has automatic loading of 200 litre tote bins as well as an automatic unloading disc, both are operated using the joysticks next to the control panel. The bowl chopper has a AC drive motor as standard which has lower acid resistant shield for motor protection. With a weight of just under 5 ton and using the stainless steel adjustable feet the bowl chopper produces very little vibrations, which helps in the prolong life of the knife shaft bearings. Smooth control of all the paremeters, speed of knife shaft, speed of bowl etc are done by way of the touch panel control, this can be programmed or set in manual mode. The bowl chopper has a connection cable that is 5m in length and is covered with stainless steel tube for protection.

Control system:

The Nowicki KN 330 HL bowl chopper has a HMI based touch panel ensures easy and comfortable operation, it is user friendly and has joysticks to help operate the cover and loading / unloading of the product. These joysticks are protected against heavy handed operators. The touch screen control panel has the possibility of storing up to 40 technological programs, each one can consist of 20 steps, with each programme easily modified and also provides copying of programs and steps. The Bowl chopper control panel allows control and adjustment of cutterhead rotation speed, bowl rotation speed, stuffing temperature whilst also providing analysis of cutter’s operations modes and failure signaling. Th touch screen display of the bowl chopper shows the program’s summary: time of cutting, number of bowl rotations, operator, batch no., stuffing temperature etc. It also allows for the selection of option for cutting process finishing: according to time, according to number of bowl rotation, according to stuffing temperature. It is possible to pause the program for the bowlc hopper, which allows that before starting of the next step the bowl cutter will stop until the operator finishes his task, for example : loading. The bowl chopper can also be fitted with exact dosage of water and oil system (option). As another option the bowlc hopper can be fitted with SCADA monitoring system of all machine’s parameters and also remote diagnostics via the Internet.

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