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Nowicki Bowl Chopper - KN 330 Vacuum

Code: KN330V
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  • External Dimensions (WxDxH) See diagram
  • Power 3ph 140kW
  • Volume 330 litre
  • Capacity 80-290kg product (depending on product type)
  • Knife Speed Variable between 100 to 4500rpm
  • Mixing Speed Variable between 100 to 300rpm
  • Bowl Speed Variable between 2 to 20rpm
  • Digital Thermometer included
  • Control Panel Touch panel with joysticks to control covers, loader & unloader
  • Weight 7800kg machine & 300kg control panel 

Optional extras available:

  • SCADA monitoring system with industrial computer
  • Outside ventilation system
  • Air conditioning system for electric box ( in case of high humidity or temp over 20'C)
  • Remote drive of master switch (when electric box is located in another room)
  • NX injection
  • Oil water dosage with accuracy +/-0.25% based on flow meter: PROMASS 40E25
  • Water dosage with accuracy +/-0.4%
  • Machine available with or without hydraulic loading of 200 litre tote bins
  • Auto lubrication of knife shaft
  • Additional set of 6 knives
  • Additional cabling length


The Nowicki KN330 V bowl chopper is manufactured for the general production of smoked, steamed and raw sausages and the vast possibilities in production of superb fine grain emulsion from crude materials like pig skin and tendons and fish leftovers. The bowl chopper can also produce very fine fresh and/or pre-cut frozen meat granulating, spiced stuffing preparation with other edible products, cutting of frozen meat treated by guillotine or meat flaker with temperature not lower than – 12 C and cutting in a vacuum environment up to 95%.

Standard Equipment: 

The Nowicki bowl choper is made to be acid resistant and with complete stainless realization according to CE directives. The bowl chopper has a narrow cutting chamber for really uniform cutting results throughout the batch, with the cutting blades extremely close to the bowl for excellent cutting of in the air results. Due to the perfect construction of the bowl chopper with full stainless steel support frame and covers a much lower noise emmision it produced. Nowicki have designed the bowl of the bowl chopper to be the ideal shape for creating emulsion based products and the unloading disc made with a properly profiled design to help remove product as easily and quickly as possible. The Nowicki bowl chopper cutter head is made entirely from high grade stainless steel, and the bowl chopper fitted with world re-known Busch vacuum pump for pulling vacuum at the time of cutting. This vacuum in the bowl chopper gives various different advantages over a bowl chopper without vacuum, giving greater protein digestion, increased binding in the meat, the optimal shelf life (due to reduced oxidation) and much longer colour rentention in the product. The Nowicki KN300V bowl chopper comes as standard with hydraulic loader (for 200 litre tote bins) and unloading disc, both of which are control diretly from the control panel using joystick controls. The bowl chopper knife and bowl covers are also control using these joysticks, giving the operator the ultimate in control. With a weight of around 8 tons and the stainless steel feet with height regulation the bowl chopper produces very little vibration resulting in prolonged life of the bearings fitted in the knife shaft. The bowl chopper is extremely easy to keep clean, with all covers lifting up and no problem to reach all the different areas. 
The control panel of the bowl chopper has a microprocessor control unit capable of storing up to 40 individual programmes, ideal for customers with multiple products who want the same result everytime for each product they manufacture. As standard Nowicki provide two sets of cutting knives with the KN330V bowl cutter, allowing one set to be sharpened whilst the other set are used, preventing any down time. Nowicki produces various different types of blade desing for use on their bowl cutters, each design is chosen by the customer and depends on the product they are using. A central lubrication system in the bowl chopper makes sure the knife shaft is lubricated all the time to give consistent knife speed and prevent any problems. The knife set of the bowl chopper is removed and secured easily using the semi-automatic key provided as standard with the KN330V bowl chopper. The knives and bowl of the bowl chopper are fitted with a security brake. The Nowicki KN330V bowl chopper has a AC drive motor produced by Baumueller and is fitted with a lower acid resistant shield for protection. The bowl chopper's connection cable is 5m in length and covered with stainless steel tubing for added protection. The bowl chopper electrical components are sourced from world-wide known manufacturers such as Danfoss, Mitsubishi, Schneider, ABB etc. The electrical connection cabinet made entirely from stainless steel is stored away from the bowl chopper for the following reasons: separation of electric/electronic appliances from mechanic ones, electric box must be properly ventilated to avoid overheating of electronic elements, to enable the easy access to bowl cutter.

Control System:

The Nowicki KN330V bowl chopper has a new microprocessor control system in front of the bowl of cutter based on PLC Mitsubishi with joysticks. This is adjustable to suit the operators height and working position and fitted with a protective cover to prevent water damage. The control panel can store 40 individual programmes with each having different processing time, bowl revolutions and batch temperatures. The bowl chopper can be put into manual mode, relying on the operator to control at time of processing, or semi-programmed mode where 6 steps are decided by the operator. The bowl chopper knife speed can be varied in cutting speed between 100-4500rpm (max.linear speed of knife is ~ 155 m/s) and in mixing speed between 100-300rpm, with the bowl speed varied between 2-20rpm. The speed of unloading disc on the bowl chopper is also variable with max speed of 135 rpm. Operation of the loader, unloader disc, knife cover and bowl cover on the bowl chopper is done via the joysticks on the control panel giving the operator exact precision. The bowl chopper has stuffing temperature control (continuous), informational sound signaling and automatic control for the exact dose of water. The bowl chopper is also fitted with a machine failure diagnostics system, for peace of mind. Vacuum programming and control is easily done via the control panel on the bowl chopper. 

Optional Cooling:

With optional liquid Nx injection for cooling purposes the bowl chopper is suitable to extend shelf-life and meet the technological aspect for forming of products. Bowl chopper cooling provides the correct viscosity and product crystallization for forming, thus maintaining the product shape during further processing. Cooling also reduces bacterial growth and extends the shelf life of the mixture

What is included:

  • software, installation of Nx cooling system on cutter :injection nozzle, swindle valves, collector

What is not included:

  • Installation of fan for gas extraction and pipelines of the LN2 installation to the  cutter is in the duties of investor.