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Nowicki Bowl Chopper - KN 90

Code: KN 90
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  • External Dimensions (WxDxH) See diagram
  • Power 3ph 37.5kW
  • Volume 90 litre
  • Capacity 60-75kg meat & product for homoginization, 45-50kg of salami type product
  • Knife Speed Variable between 200 to 5500rpm, mixing speed variable between -200 to -400rpm
  • Digital Thermometer included
  • Manual Unloading Disc optional
  • Dynamometer Key optional
  • Control Panel Manual with 5 pre-programmed cutting speed, 2 pre-programmed mixing speed
  • Weight 1500kg

Optional extras:

  • Central lubrication system

N.B. This machine not kept in stock and is ordered at time of purchase, delivery can take up to 9 weeks

The Nowicki KN90 bowl chopper is ideal for the general production of smoked, steamed and raw sausages and the vast possibilities in production of superb fine grain emulsions from crude materials like chicken skin and tendons of beef. The bowl cutter can also be used for very fine, fresh and or pre-cut frozen meat granulating as well as spiced stuffing preparation with other edible products and fish production like surimi. The Nowicki KN90 bowl cutter can handle up to 60-75kg of meat at one time of homogonized product and about 45-50kg of salami type product. 

The Nowicki KN90 bowl cutter is manufactured from acid resitant high quality stainless steel according all current CE directives. All surfaces on the bowl chopper are polished with horizontal srufaces inclined to allow water drainiage. The bowl chopper has manually operated stainless steel knife cover with a Plexiglass front cover for viewing the product inside the bowl. A manually operator unloading disc comes as standard with the bowl chopper allowing quick and consistent product removal. The bowl chopper's stable construction combined with a weight of 1.5ton and stainless steel adjustable feet produce the minimal of vibrations giving no problems with the bearings on the knife shaft. The bowl chopper smoothly changes between all parameters set by the operator including knife speed, bowl speed etc. whilst the temperature of the product in the bowl is consistently monitored by using the control panel. The bowl chopper is extremely easy to clean with every place easily accessible including clearance between bottom of bowl and frame of bowl cutter. Nowicki re-designed their cutting head so that it is esier and quicker to remove and re-fit, preventing any unnecessary down time. The bowl chopper is fitted with a 37.5kW AC drive motor which has a lower stainless steel acid resistant shiled for motor protection. The bowl chopper has an emergency brake for knife and bowl with a knife speed of 5500rpm, which is perfect for meat emulsions. 

The Nowicki KN90 bowl cutter has a pre-programmed control panel set up as standard with the following speeds:

  • As loading: 500 rpm of knives, 4 revolutions of the bowl – no other limits
  • As pre-cutting: 1500 rpm of knives, 6-7 revolution of bowl - no other limits
  • Cutting : 4000 rpm, 6-7 revolution of the bowl
  • Cutting : 5500 rpm, 6-8 revolution of the bowl. temperature limit eg +8'C
  • For salami can be: 2000 rpm, 6 revolutions of the bowl, for 20 revolutions and step is over. 


  1. -200, 5-6 rev no obligation
  2. Any other option with time limit

However if you require the pre-programme to be altered this can be done at the time of manufacture by Nowicki to suit your special requirements. Each pre-progammed step on the bowl cutter can be determinded by temperature of batch, time of processing, number of bowls revolutions.

The control panel also allows for manual control for the setting of the speed of the knives and the bowl as well as showing current working time, or amount of bowl rotations, and continuous measurements of stuffing temperature. The bowl cutter control panel is fitted as standard with a cover to protect against water jet.

The Nowicki KN90 bowl chopper has an electrical box which is made from stainless steel and is IP 55 rated, this is put seperately away from the bowl cutter and is mounted on the wall. The cable is 5m long and is done is stainless steel piping. 

For more information on the Nowicki KN90 bowl cutter please download the brochure. 

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