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Nowicki Bowl Cutter - KN 200 Vacuum

Code: KN200V
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  • External Dimensions (WxDxH) See diagram
  • Power 3ph 87kW
  • Volume 200 litre
  • Capacity 100-170kg product (depending on product type)
  • Knife Speed Variable between 210 to 4800rpm
  • Mixing Speed Variable between 100 to 300rpm
  • Bowl Speed Variable between 2 to 20rpm
  • Digital Thermometer included
  • Control Panel Touch panel with joysticks to control covers, loader & unloader
  • Weight 4900kg machine & 300kg control panel 

Optional extras available:

  • Machine available with or without hydraulic loading of 200 litre tote bins
  • Auto lubrication of knife shaft
  • Additional set of 6 knives
  • Additional cabling length


  • For general production of smoked, steamed and raw sausages and vast possibilities in production of superb fine grain emulsion from crude materials like chicken skin and tendons,
  • For a very fine fresh and/or pre-cut frozen meat granulating,
  • Perfect for cutting / doing emulstion in Vegetarian industry, bakery, fishery or dairy produce
  • Cutting in a vacuum environment up to 90%

Standard equipment

  • Acid resistance - complete stainless realization according to CE directives
  • Close distance knife- bowl for perfect cutting in the air results
  • Narrow cutting chamber for uniform cutting in the whole batch
  • Self - supporting solid stainless steel construction covers
  • Cutter-head cover made of stainless steel
  • Loader for 120/200l l trolleys (option)
  • Hydraulic drive of stuffing spreader – hydraulic unloading disc
  • Hydraulic  knives/bowl covers control
  • Stable construction the weight of around 3,2 tons warrants no vibration, no problems with bearings on knife shaft 
  • Narrow cutting chamber to make the most uniform cutting in the whole batch
  • Minimalixed to minimum distance : edge of knives – bowl to enable proper cutting in the air process.
  • 2 bearings on knife shaft
  • Stainless steel knife shaft
  • Forced air circulation in the chamber with motor
  • Extremely easy to keep clean – all covers up, no problem to reach all places with contact with food
  • Microprocessor control unit with up to 40 programs on special leg for better operation
  • Smooth control of all parameters: level of vacuum, speed of knife shaft, speed of bowl, 
  • 2 Sets of knives (shapes to be choose by customer – depending on processed meat)
  • Central lubrication system – also with diagnostic system
  • Vacuum pump (Busch)
  • Product temperature control
  • Semi-automatic key for cutter head
  • Programming and manual work mode.
  • Lower acid resistant shield for motor protection
  • Stainless steel feet with height regulation
  • AC drive motor as a standard
  • Connection cable covered with stainless steel tube (5m)
  • Electric cabinet separately located for a better prevention before flooding the electric components
  • Electric cabinet to be hang on the wall. 

Control system

  • HMI as Touch panel with joystics to control the covers / loader/ unloader
  • Control in utilizing up to 40 programs – possibility to determine the program according to: time of process, number of bowl, temperature of batch. 
  • Manual work mode
  • Control of smooth regulation of rotation: in cutting speed: 210 - 4800 rpm, in mixing speed: 100 - 300rpm, in bowl speed: 2 - 20 rpm
  • Stuffing spreader speed: max. 140 rpm (smoothly regulated)
  • Stuffing temperature control (continuous), 
  • Automatic control for the exact dose of water (optional)
  • Machine failure diagnostics system
  • Control of loading hoist, disc unloader and bowl and knife’s cover
  • Vacuum programming and control
  • Communicative work control system
  • USB – connection

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