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Nowicki Tray Washer - MPP 150

Code: MPP150
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  • External Dimensions (WxDxH) 2629x1057x1820mm
  • Max Capacity 150 per hour
  • Max Tray Dimensions 600x400x400mm
  • Tray Height 40-400mm
  • Water Tank Capacity 200 litre
  • Pump Size 3kW
  • Electrical Heating 0kW, 9kW or 18kW (depending on temp of water supply)

The Nowicki MPP-150 tray washer is made for washing plastic containers, type E1, E2, E3 in the food industry that are no greater than 600 x 450 x 400mm in size. Machine is supplied with overhead rails for one man operation. The Nowicki crate washer is made from stainless steel grade AISI 304 and constructed according to CE directives. 

The Nowick tray washer is capable of cleaning up to 150 crates or trays per hour, depending on contamination of the crate / tray. The crate washer is a stand alone unit, with the ability to bolt on an Air blow-off module on the end to help remove excess water and speed up drying times. The Nowicki MPP-150 tray washer has adjustable guides for the crates with width adjustable between 230-400mm and height adjustable between 40-400mm. The Nowick crate washer has a closed water circulation system with a drawer filter and automatic detergent dosing care of the SAIER GmbH pump. The set of high pressure nozzles inside the tray washer can be adjusted for the angle of spray and the tray washer is fitted on castors with breaks to allow for easy movement around your building and for cleaning. 

The Nowicki MPP-150 crate washer can be heated by electricity, steam, electrical-steam, heat exchanger and gas. The machine pricing and specification above is based on the electrical heating option.

The Nowicki MPP-150 tray washer has electrical sensors to switch the machine off once the covers are opened, double acting floating contact for water levels in the tank, and continuous rinsing with fresh water. The tray washer has side covers which open outwards to allow easy access to the washing and rinsing sections. The crate washers electronics are also easily accessed with the components made from worldwide producers such as Moeller, Schneider, Alan Bradley, Mitsubishi and ProFace. 

The rinsing zone and washing zone are separated from each other with a curtain to prevent cross contamination of water and the trays are moved through the tray washer by way of chain drive. 


The tray washer is controlled via a 4.3" colour touch screen which is IP65 protected and has direct control of the following:

  • Regulation and control of washing temp up to 65'C
  • ON / OFF of detergent pump
  • ON / OFF of heating the water
  • AUTO or MANUAL mode of work
  • Control of conveyor speed
  • Time / Date setting
  • Temperature setting
  • Service mode
  • Water level control and correction system
  • Alarms displayed on control panel

The crate washer's control panel has a water protection cover, with emergency buttons situated on the control panel and also back side of machine. 

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