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Hoonved Utensil Washer - HPW80 BT

Code: HPW60 BT
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  • External dimensions (WxDxH) 996x915x1890mm
  • Wash space dimensions (WxDxH) 810x700x650mm
  • Cycle length 120, 240, 360, 480 secs
  • Self cleaning standard
  • Construction st/st AISI 304 double wall
  • Rinse-aid dispenser standard
  • Wash pump 3000W
  • Detergent pump standard
  • Tank capacity 86L
  • Boiler capacity 10.5L
  • Water consumption/cycle 5L
  • Total power 9000W
  • Boiler heater 6000W
  • Tank heater 6000W
  • Water supply 2/4bar 3/4" connection
  • Drain hose connection 1 1/2" 
  • Electrical connection 400V 3N ~ 50Hz


Options available on request:

  • External shower
  • Set of wheels
  • Auto 10L water softener
  • Auto 14L water softener
  • Drain pump
  • Heat pump
  • Additional height (A model)

The new Hoonved HPW series is ideal for confectioneries, bakeries, butcheries, restaurants and ice cream shops featuring double walled construction, 4 wash cycles, break tank system (BT).

The HPW range of utensil washers consists of 4 extremely sturdy, performing and technolgically advanced utensil washers, available with 650 or 820mm clearance. With these different sized models and heights they can meet every wash requirements in the industry. The double walled structure of the HPW range as well as the rinse arms are made from high quality AISI 304 stainless steel, the counterbalnced split door guarantees the maximum robustness and gives the operator ease of loading and unloading.

Ease of maintenance:

The full length lower front panel of the utensil washers allows the certified technician to access the techincal compartment efficiently, with a simple manouvre they are able to access all components, which are organized in the compartment to offer the technician the possibilty of a first malfunction diagnosis, without the need to move the unit.  The full-height side uprights are also easily removed and allow to easily check or replace springs or access the compenents placed laterally. 

Perfect hygiene:

  • Excellent accessibilty inside the machine for easy daily cleaning
  • Machine completely rounded inside, to avoid dirt traps and allow for seemless cleaning
  • Stainless steel tank filters which are easy to remove
  • Suction pump filter to prevent depositing of dirt and leftovers in the wash circuit 

User friendly control panel:

The intuitive design features clear cycle monitoring, colour coded status indicators as well as four different programming options for washing cycles, with personalised timing and temperatures, that deliver precision cleaning. The cycle status in indicated via alphanumeric countdown and the self-diagnosis is via codes to show the machine status. The control panel also shows all functioning parameters and highlights any anomalies. This allows for easier monitoring and ensures that the machine is in full compliance with HACCP protocols. 

Wi-fi connection:

To always be connected to your utensil washer, control and optimize consumptions and check it acitivity status. Your technician will be able to monitor the unit in real time, modify its parameters and carry out maintenance operations remotely and reduce call out charges. 

Hoonved dashboard web:

Simple and intuitive, the Hoonved portal allows you to remotely control the dishwasher, check and download total consumption records and machine usage statistics, view and download HACCP date, update firmware and parameters, detect alarms and support in resolution of faults and access your utensil washers documentation.

Break tank system:

Fitted as standard on all HPW utensil washer models, allows you to rinse at constant pressure and temperature, prevents wash cycles without water and prevents water backflow towards the water supply.

RCC condensing unit:

The system allows to condensate the steam generated during the washing phase assuring a better working area and important energy savings. The system is based on the use of the heat/steam generated during the wash/rinse cycle to preheat the water of the machine supply. In general this saves energy (costs), it doesnt contain filters (no maintenance required), no steam and humidity in the room, (better working environment in room for the operators).