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Nowicki Automatic Meat Injector - MH 212 SAS

Code: MH212SAS
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  • External Dimensions (WxDxH) see diagram
  • Throughput Upto 6000kg/h (depending on product)
  • Working Width 750mm
  • Working Height 40-210mm
  • Number of needles 212 (single needle)
  • Conveyor Belt Speed 68, 102 or 204mm/cycle (adjustable)
  • Stroke of Injection Head 10-60 strokes/min
  • Electrics 3ph 400V 50Hz 17.5kW
  • Weight 1350kg


"Smart " injectors using servo-drives are intended to implement the most complex processes of injection covering a broad spectrum of raw materials, namely:

  • Whole chicken and chicken parts cut ups
  • Bacon and any pork products

We inject any product not higher than 160 mm that we can put in any direction on wide conveyer 750 mm. Dense pattern on injection points (212) allows for excellent injection results.

What does Servo-drive give us?

High repeatability of technological operations:

  • low injection rates up to 10%, as well as high injection rates up to 100% 
  • small deviation of injection level from 0,5 to 2% 
  • high production rates in kg/h 
  • maximum speed of injection head up to 60 cycles per minute 
  • "smart" digital positioning of injection head height in the range of 40 to 210 mm 
  • injection of the raw material of different thickness without extruding brine 
  • Adjustment of needles height over the transporter, ie needles penetrate meat only to the desired depth (for example, stop only 50 mm from the transporter) dot injecting layers of muscles with fat.
  • Possibility of pre-programming of injection moment, ie. setting the time of start and end of injection, which does not have to be consistent with the beginning and end of pricking of a raw material 
  • Servo-drive of transporter synchronized  with servo-drive of injection head enables many combinations of injection patterns.

The new generation of injectors has an easy system of assembly and disassembly of injection head, with the possibility to use needles of different diameters: 2mm, 3mm and 3,5 mm  allowing for an easy change of equipment to inject various raw materials.

Standard Equipment:

  • Stainless steel materials AISI 304 
  • Construction according to CE directives
  • Bottom closed construction for hygienic reasons (no problematic cleaning of floor underneath injector)
  • One injection head with 212 needles of Ø3,5mm
  • Single needles: 3,5mm for any charcuterie production. 
  • High-speed injection in time (up to 60 cycles per minute) and it’s smooth adjustment
  • Servo-drive system for injection head and conveyor belt
  • Pneumatic suspension system for needles  with regulation of pressure power. 
  • HMI based on touch Touch Screen control panel with French language as operatioin
  • Adjustment of injection head stroke depending of thickness of injected meat and it’s structure
  • Adjustment of needles movement and valves opening/closing 
  • Adjustment of conveyor speed
  • Smooth adjustment of brine pressure up to 4 bars
  • Pre-set injection moment during the movement: up, down and both directions of injection head
  • Auto diagnostic system
  • Continues temperature monitoring
  • Injection volume 5 to 100% of injected meat mass.
  • Minimum brine outflow from injected meat caused by control of stripping plate
  • No damage to the meat with bones during injection because of pneumatic suspension of needles (also possibility of regulation depending on the kind of meat)
  • Independent brine cut-off for every needle , which avoids making brine pockets when needle hits a bone
  • Efficient drum type rotary filter for brine filtration
  • High efficiency, effectiveness and injection precision

Control System:

All injection processes are programmed and controlled using clear and easy-to-use touch panel , which allows full control over a broad spectrum of all injectors parameters:

  • Possibility of saving up to 99 programs
  • Language of operation: FR / GE / EN / PL
  • Smooth injection parameter system control: 
  • Brine pressure: up to 4,5 bars (smoothly adjustable)
  • Injection head speed in time (smoothly adjustable)
  • Control on injection moment and length 
  • Conveyor indexing speed
  • Lower and upper position of injection head
  • Direction of injection during the head movement of: down ; down-up; down+time ; any point in the injection area.
  • Stripper plate positioning right above product without touching it. 
  • Pre-set of needles tensioning and penetration of product

Rotary-type filter FBN-212:

Injectors with servo-drives are equipped with muli-step filtration system:

  • Filter with replaceable cartridges with different graduation 
  • Curtain filter, consisting of the three grids with different graduation 
  • Rotary filter with a slot drum for a very fine cleaning of return brine 
  • Set of filters can be individually selected depending on: the type of brine, thickness of needles, injection specificities and the type of a raw material

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